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Sunday, October 24, 2004

YO! m(_ _)m its been a long time ehz?
LOL. warui na~
Been so busy! attachment ends IN 06NOV. THK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Attachment has been like HELL to me! my boss is totally dependent on me!
He juz has to click "SEND" in order to send that email out, BUT NO, he insists i click "SEND" for him! wth~~~~~~~ He is HIGHLY disorganised, i suspect he is a "..."
lol anywayz, back to post some pictures of kawaii twin nephews! :p
***oO btw, i miss my CUTIE n DEARIE n fReNz so much! i can cry man!*** sigh!
cant imagine if i go overseas to study! yucks! i'd be dead within a DAY! no i take that back! within an HOUR, no, a second, i would juz drop dead. i cant leave w/o my dearie n my frenz(lynn melmel etc), ok family too. my cutie is in japan, so hahaha i miss HER ALL the time of cos. -________-
lol. so kua zhang. but its TRUE! ok i'll quit being drama! ;p

Picz of my dearie and me^_^ happiness~Next yr Feb will be 2yrs together le~time flies

my sis n me

A close cousin/sister to me; helped me alot, love her. Mother of the twins n gers~

Pictures of my beloved nephews and nieces...
i love them so much, they're so notti but yet so adorable, to-die-for!
greeting me bye at the gate T_T kawaii

Jerald, younger twin

Jerome, older twin

*cuddling*SO SUPER DUPER kawaii~!~!~!!**~!**!~*

Jerald tryin to climb the table for food -.-

Valencia, teasing me @_@

ok brought Jerald to TPY central gai gai.heavy leh! see my cheeks all pink liaoz. eto he's 12kg, the older one is 10kg. lol O_o
oh and brought him to my FAVORITO comic shop TIAN DI

Jerome, such a sweet angelic child. Loves to run and bump into you! u must catch hIM! or tats it fer you! he likes the thrill i guess! haha. look at his smile!
go rocker boy!
Brought Jerome shopping. hee~
Jerome & Me in the houseaaaaa. so sweet his smile! tel u hoh, very hard to find him smiling in cams, he usually frowns more! lolz~ serious! those that have him smiling, either is candid, or i took ALOT, so have at LEAST few that would catch his smile. crazy me rite? LOLz. i dote on them alot~

ok peeps, its kinda 1:45am, gotta wake at 7.30am for ATTACHMENT.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
will update more next time yea~ hehe


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