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Sunday, July 25, 2004

BOO! hehe, jus ta update a littl sth again. hey.... cant blame me man! i have a life out there man. so realli littl time for this kinda "stuffs"..

some pix taken with my bf on one of the weekends?... he jus went into army... poor guy.. hee thk gdness im a game n anime fanatic(or CY would say otaku?), too busy with my games, so he doesnt have ta worry about me "being led astray" or sth. ;)
and today's my fren's birthday!! hmm, wad ta buy for her i wonder. probably jus some purple stuffs :p

25th july
oh and yea, i wanna thank my classmates. it was a nice surprise, erm stil is, to actually celb my bday for me. tt's realli sweet. (^^,)>
and yea i got many cute gifts from them.. necklace and a KAWAII hamtaro =3 =3 =3 stuff toy!!! and a ncie comfy blOuse! keke~ Grace hand-made a necklace for me too. erm, wil take pix of them n post it another time \^-^/

Jiraiya.ero sennin. aka. hadi_AsS~ yea check out this moron! keke. ;) a POOH fanatic? but a sweet fren. o.O" yea rite~~~ :X :X :X
Shikamaru. spoiler. who took this pic? LOL.. kiddin.
Kakashi sensei. erm. lol. things r pretty awkward. but we'll get better i guess.
Gaara. a real gd fren of mine from mit0218; hey not as though the rest aren't. but she is one of the best! /HEHE\
Colieen. A cool chick, in my opinion. pretty chio too. ;)
CY. a nice game fanatic to chat with too. haha!
Betty. This really sweet girl in class. Kinda real blur at times. but tt's cute! hehe~~
Gracie. The person whom hand-made the necklace for me. a gd fren next to gaara. had some misunderstanding before, but ermm, i guess we'll survive. Life is short after all. so is poly life T_T
the act cute ch kia. keke~ hadi aSS! left->right:Kakashi, Naruto, Jiraiya, Shikamaru
YEA~ all of us.mit0218.hao jie, ching yaw n colieen din wanna join. the rest couldn't make it. But stil. i love the presents! thankiX

k la, enuff liao. post til so song liao. nb~ i go do project liaoz. bye la~


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