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Friday, August 06, 2004

yoz! im back. feeling really terrible! down with a stomach flu! REALLY suX man. LS 6times in sch on monday. tuesday mei jing sheng. wed see doc. mc two days. today mom forced mr see another doc!!! confirmed tat its stomach flu.. tt's y got cough n diarrhoea. he gave me another 2 days of MC. ALL in ALL, 4days no need attend sch. suay like shit. WORSE my mthly thing visited me!! boy m i in a lousy mood.

now am just rushing for my project. 13th aug gotta present le! last week of project yipEEz hoo haa!!! BUT dat means no more lunch breaks with my classmates. i'll miss the sweet ones, cute ones. not hadi_ass, but hadi :p lol. n so much more. attachment is gonna be so lonely so independent ? i dunno... jus hope things dun get too rough.

ok enuff of nagging from me! now is kenshin pix! hoho. was busy browsing thru pix today. kx wanted ta find one pic, so while i browse for him, i searched some cool or cute ones for meself too. hoho~ put cute ones here better. cool ones keep. hehe

got more! hoho but aiya sO many pics.... :p better stop here ba


At 6:45 PM, Blogger princess said...

hey steph !! hehee.. doing well? MISS U!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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