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Friday, August 24, 2007

Uh huh, so like. i've never updated posts since 2006. Right...
Back again... and.. Its my updated character. LAWL... wow, i reli haven been updating this shit man... ive hit lv70 since FOREVER! lol...

Oh due to many... happenings.. My frenz and i transferred to another realm: Thaurissan and i changed my game character name to: Myheart...

Lately i jus set up a myspace n facebook account thingy. =X

ITS MESSY I NOE! but i cbf to arrange it so nicely! so may ya eyes bleed yah? HAHAHA!

Beezee wif projects and tests lately! aaaaaaaaaaaa... guess ill have to stop wowing for abit. Arena and 25men raids are taking abit of time from me (z_Z)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yeah yeah wazzup~ For me its a bummer! @_@"
Firstly, i went Genting Highlands for a short break. Down with a cold from the very first day(27th dec '05) til now (3rd jan '06).
I felt a wisdom tooth growing at the back of my mouth around 23rd dec. Kinda PAIN!!!
The frigging cold caused me to have a dry throat! leading to a cough --->phlem===GROUCHY
Yeah ANYWAY, my knee hit against a drawer corner! FIAKING pain la! skin scraped, blood clot, blue black! it still hurts when i walk around, leaving it alone. P.S i DID rub it, but too damn pain! >.<" !@#$%^*()

ok enuf of whines. Next, i AM into WOW(World of Warcraft) now. LV34 undead priest (Horde) nick: Heartaken, realm: Burning Legion. Join me, or rather if u r in it, let's party/instance together! V(o^_^o)V server having maintenance for bout 6hrs now.. so im hella bored!
OH yeah, my cousins returned from aust, took a few pixies will upload it later. teehee.
poor andrea. her hp n camera got stolen. WTF?!?!?! our pixies in it ALL POOF! 'kusou' (' 0')/m/
Last but not least, MeRRy ChRIStmAs & HAppy NeW YR, n more red packets for the CNY! wooot!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yep so time for my ps2, dota n maplesea again, den again i might be moving onto sth new. WoW-World of Warcraft nor. C first la. My bf buy first den see nice 2 play bo. keke. Hope u folks r doin fine! The time is NOW! NEver let SLip a day WIthout LIving it HAppily yepZ!
PIXIES taken with ToToRO chwan~ KEKE. Top to Bot: Geargi, Matty, Me~*
KK i go game le. tataz hope everyone is living their lives to the fullest! a [HAPPY EVER AFTER] tips for u folks!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Konbanwa minna~

sorry la... longtime no update. doesnt matter anyway rite. im not a bloggy person. im a busy bee keke. O yar! i FOUND CHIP N DALE finally! the cute one! thks to Geargi! i bought DALE!kawaiiDALEim planning to get CHIP for my sis n my cutie bestie! lol. cos well, firstly, my sis n i have always liked chip n dale respectively. secondly, my bestie and i also like chip n dale. since i chose dale, so i figured she wud wan chip too. hee we always have to have similar things also rite. ^^
Graduate from nanyang poly liao lor, thks to my nypian buddies ^_^ hee wad'z new... hmmm since july '05 taking business management course in SIM..
now am busy doin research for proj! eeeee so many projs to submit on september !
im not into mapleglobal anymore, cos dao bi liao. now maple sea, dunno la LAZY to train!

so now DOTA! hmm, wad i do during class.... if lesson is impt, im real attentive, if lesson isnt, i'd be browsing the net fr my laptop at dota forum, haha learnin strategies and item builds for heroes. LOL! yep fav pasttime is stil GAME. n of cos ANIME! hey hey, bf is not a pasttime ok, he's placed as top priority of cos d(^-^)b

o and a introduction to my Sim Girl classmates. funny leh, outta 14 of us, 5gers, 8guys. --;;

my sim babes
do i get along with them? after this 2 mths, haha YES...they r nice yr later they'll be promoted to good ppl. den hmmm 2 yrs later etc etc. lol jus kiddin la, wad promote, they're not items! but only applies for the girls! no comments for the guys! ^_^

i wud say they r interesting people.
Clockwise, Top left:One's crazy n blur like me and her name's also Stephanie >_<" !
Top right:Geargi! Mature, independent-> gotta admire her4tat, and nice to talk to!
Bot Left: Matty! Bubbly cute, active, funny!
Bot right: Jo! Mature, hee cute girl the way she views relationship, n yup she seems quiet, but ACTUALLY she's not when u tok to her!
once again, im not gonna talk bout the guys, don wanna, don care =p
aiya, close to gers of cos tok about gers la.. boliao la blog stuffs!
ok i free den post again la.. zzz. now gotta do research! next time let u guys see my birthday present fr me NYP classmates. hao ke ai wor!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

hmmm.. yare yare~

its been real long since i last updated anythin eh?
not tat i care! =p but still. jus to let u guys noe a littl bout how baka my life is rite now!*~ STRESSED ~* 3D submit by next week. comm skills by week6. UMS by week7. week8(CNY) study break + lab TESTS. week9 COMMON TEST!->aka my current nick in MSN now. im so fiaking stressEd now!
stupid sch has pushED forward our study week. we have to study AND have lab tests during CHINESE NEW YEAR! wth!!!!!!!->wad i currently feel like doin! kill someone or something!
haiz.... den no time for my bf. cos of all this dumb shiitz goin on. no time to chat with cutie online oso! saded. T_T"""""""""""" *sobs* and now gotta reli rush this 3D modelling thingy by sunday loh! kaoz! *step kick pui* angryyyyyyy. and no time for my MS oso! cnat even try out roseon! no friggin time! aaaaaaaa
and latest model to do is plate holder. must be chim if not cant score. *step kick pui* k la i gotta go. one comment: not gonna be a nice chinese new yr. plus this is 4th week so stressed liao. qu si ba! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Thursday, November 25, 2004

hEhe yOz ppLZz~

jus here to insert the latest neocard taken with my bf ^^

And, two pix taken with 2Australian babies in Australia last yr.

LOL, wonder if this yr, korean ppl will let me take pixies with their kawaii babies? muahahahahahah!
You can click on them to @@ enlarged version ^_^

Saturday, November 20, 2004

YOz... Hee~*

Been busy playing MapleStory recently....
12pm-12am every week day. :p
Week end is like for bf n family ;p

Anywayz, i no mood to blog :p

Sweet pictures of the two of them Y^-^Y

Hee, tatz all fer now k :p
haiz.. recently bf got alittle prob in army, make me sianz half also.
Then now while waiting for his call, I go back to playing le la~
Cutie din contact my hp @all, muz be busy workin too.

minna ganbarimashou na~*

Saturday, October 30, 2004

yo! ^o^ its like i couldn't complete the last time i did the post. Anyway, the weekends are the ONLY days my bf and i look forward to. ack who doesnt rite? he's in army, im at attachment. but thkfully! one more week! ALLELUIA! hmmm i think i load alot of pics into my blog hoh? jialatz! be patient pplz! HAHaz. Anyway life has been pretty stressed for me now. Am jus wonderin what can i be what will i be in few yrs time. workin life reli sux man~wad can i look forward to i wonder?
Wish u ppl ahve a better life than me! ciaoz~* *ps. i miss dearie n cutie*

twins again!

haha im so nice. postin ta let the mom of the twins to see.

little jerald! hoho chubbz.

actually i reli cant rem which photos have i not put up. LOl. so i anyhow put up recent ones la.. here goes~


Jerome & me

Jerome & his grandma(my foster mom)


Jerald n me

Jerald & his grandma

Twins & their mom!!!

Jerald & his mom

Sunday, October 24, 2004

YO! m(_ _)m its been a long time ehz?
LOL. warui na~
Been so busy! attachment ends IN 06NOV. THK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Attachment has been like HELL to me! my boss is totally dependent on me!
He juz has to click "SEND" in order to send that email out, BUT NO, he insists i click "SEND" for him! wth~~~~~~~ He is HIGHLY disorganised, i suspect he is a "..."
lol anywayz, back to post some pictures of kawaii twin nephews! :p
***oO btw, i miss my CUTIE n DEARIE n fReNz so much! i can cry man!*** sigh!
cant imagine if i go overseas to study! yucks! i'd be dead within a DAY! no i take that back! within an HOUR, no, a second, i would juz drop dead. i cant leave w/o my dearie n my frenz(lynn melmel etc), ok family too. my cutie is in japan, so hahaha i miss HER ALL the time of cos. -________-
lol. so kua zhang. but its TRUE! ok i'll quit being drama! ;p

Picz of my dearie and me^_^ happiness~Next yr Feb will be 2yrs together le~time flies

my sis n me

A close cousin/sister to me; helped me alot, love her. Mother of the twins n gers~

Pictures of my beloved nephews and nieces...
i love them so much, they're so notti but yet so adorable, to-die-for!
greeting me bye at the gate T_T kawaii

Jerald, younger twin

Jerome, older twin

*cuddling*SO SUPER DUPER kawaii~!~!~!!**~!**!~*

Jerald tryin to climb the table for food -.-

Valencia, teasing me @_@

ok brought Jerald to TPY central gai gai.heavy leh! see my cheeks all pink liaoz. eto he's 12kg, the older one is 10kg. lol O_o
oh and brought him to my FAVORITO comic shop TIAN DI

Jerome, such a sweet angelic child. Loves to run and bump into you! u must catch hIM! or tats it fer you! he likes the thrill i guess! haha. look at his smile!
go rocker boy!
Brought Jerome shopping. hee~
Jerome & Me in the houseaaaaa. so sweet his smile! tel u hoh, very hard to find him smiling in cams, he usually frowns more! lolz~ serious! those that have him smiling, either is candid, or i took ALOT, so have at LEAST few that would catch his smile. crazy me rite? LOLz. i dote on them alot~

ok peeps, its kinda 1:45am, gotta wake at 7.30am for ATTACHMENT.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
will update more next time yea~ hehe

Friday, August 06, 2004

yoz! im back. feeling really terrible! down with a stomach flu! REALLY suX man. LS 6times in sch on monday. tuesday mei jing sheng. wed see doc. mc two days. today mom forced mr see another doc!!! confirmed tat its stomach flu.. tt's y got cough n diarrhoea. he gave me another 2 days of MC. ALL in ALL, 4days no need attend sch. suay like shit. WORSE my mthly thing visited me!! boy m i in a lousy mood.

now am just rushing for my project. 13th aug gotta present le! last week of project yipEEz hoo haa!!! BUT dat means no more lunch breaks with my classmates. i'll miss the sweet ones, cute ones. not hadi_ass, but hadi :p lol. n so much more. attachment is gonna be so lonely so independent ? i dunno... jus hope things dun get too rough.

ok enuff of nagging from me! now is kenshin pix! hoho. was busy browsing thru pix today. kx wanted ta find one pic, so while i browse for him, i searched some cool or cute ones for meself too. hoho~ put cute ones here better. cool ones keep. hehe

got more! hoho but aiya sO many pics.... :p better stop here ba