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Friday, August 24, 2007

Uh huh, so like. i've never updated posts since 2006. Right...
Back again... and.. Its my updated character. LAWL... wow, i reli haven been updating this shit man... ive hit lv70 since FOREVER! lol...

Oh due to many... happenings.. My frenz and i transferred to another realm: Thaurissan and i changed my game character name to: Myheart...

Lately i jus set up a myspace n facebook account thingy. =X

ITS MESSY I NOE! but i cbf to arrange it so nicely! so may ya eyes bleed yah? HAHAHA!

Beezee wif projects and tests lately! aaaaaaaaaaaa... guess ill have to stop wowing for abit. Arena and 25men raids are taking abit of time from me (z_Z)


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