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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yeah yeah wazzup~ For me its a bummer! @_@"
Firstly, i went Genting Highlands for a short break. Down with a cold from the very first day(27th dec '05) til now (3rd jan '06).
I felt a wisdom tooth growing at the back of my mouth around 23rd dec. Kinda PAIN!!!
The frigging cold caused me to have a dry throat! leading to a cough --->phlem===GROUCHY
Yeah ANYWAY, my knee hit against a drawer corner! FIAKING pain la! skin scraped, blood clot, blue black! it still hurts when i walk around, leaving it alone. P.S i DID rub it, but too damn pain! >.<" !@#$%^*()

ok enuf of whines. Next, i AM into WOW(World of Warcraft) now. LV34 undead priest (Horde) nick: Heartaken, realm: Burning Legion. Join me, or rather if u r in it, let's party/instance together! V(o^_^o)V server having maintenance for bout 6hrs now.. so im hella bored!
OH yeah, my cousins returned from aust, took a few pixies will upload it later. teehee.
poor andrea. her hp n camera got stolen. WTF?!?!?! our pixies in it ALL POOF! 'kusou' (' 0')/m/
Last but not least, MeRRy ChRIStmAs & HAppy NeW YR, n more red packets for the CNY! wooot!