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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Konbanwa minna~

sorry la... longtime no update. doesnt matter anyway rite. im not a bloggy person. im a busy bee keke. O yar! i FOUND CHIP N DALE finally! the cute one! thks to Geargi! i bought DALE!kawaiiDALEim planning to get CHIP for my sis n my cutie bestie! lol. cos well, firstly, my sis n i have always liked chip n dale respectively. secondly, my bestie and i also like chip n dale. since i chose dale, so i figured she wud wan chip too. hee we always have to have similar things also rite. ^^
Graduate from nanyang poly liao lor, thks to my nypian buddies ^_^ hee wad'z new... hmmm since july '05 taking business management course in SIM..
now am busy doin research for proj! eeeee so many projs to submit on september !
im not into mapleglobal anymore, cos dao bi liao. now maple sea, dunno la LAZY to train!

so now DOTA! hmm, wad i do during class.... if lesson is impt, im real attentive, if lesson isnt, i'd be browsing the net fr my laptop at dota forum, haha learnin strategies and item builds for heroes. LOL! yep fav pasttime is stil GAME. n of cos ANIME! hey hey, bf is not a pasttime ok, he's placed as top priority of cos d(^-^)b

o and a introduction to my Sim Girl classmates. funny leh, outta 14 of us, 5gers, 8guys. --;;

my sim babes
do i get along with them? after this 2 mths, haha YES...they r nice yr later they'll be promoted to good ppl. den hmmm 2 yrs later etc etc. lol jus kiddin la, wad promote, they're not items! but only applies for the girls! no comments for the guys! ^_^

i wud say they r interesting people.
Clockwise, Top left:One's crazy n blur like me and her name's also Stephanie >_<" !
Top right:Geargi! Mature, independent-> gotta admire her4tat, and nice to talk to!
Bot Left: Matty! Bubbly cute, active, funny!
Bot right: Jo! Mature, hee cute girl the way she views relationship, n yup she seems quiet, but ACTUALLY she's not when u tok to her!
once again, im not gonna talk bout the guys, don wanna, don care =p
aiya, close to gers of cos tok about gers la.. boliao la blog stuffs!
ok i free den post again la.. zzz. now gotta do research! next time let u guys see my birthday present fr me NYP classmates. hao ke ai wor!