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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

hmmm.. yare yare~

its been real long since i last updated anythin eh?
not tat i care! =p but still. jus to let u guys noe a littl bout how baka my life is rite now!*~ STRESSED ~* 3D submit by next week. comm skills by week6. UMS by week7. week8(CNY) study break + lab TESTS. week9 COMMON TEST!->aka my current nick in MSN now. im so fiaking stressEd now!
stupid sch has pushED forward our study week. we have to study AND have lab tests during CHINESE NEW YEAR! wth!!!!!!!->wad i currently feel like doin! kill someone or something!
haiz.... den no time for my bf. cos of all this dumb shiitz goin on. no time to chat with cutie online oso! saded. T_T"""""""""""" *sobs* and now gotta reli rush this 3D modelling thingy by sunday loh! kaoz! *step kick pui* angryyyyyyy. and no time for my MS oso! cnat even try out roseon! no friggin time! aaaaaaaa
and latest model to do is plate holder. must be chim if not cant score. *step kick pui* k la i gotta go. one comment: not gonna be a nice chinese new yr. plus this is 4th week so stressed liao. qu si ba! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA