hohoho anime rulZie~

Thursday, November 25, 2004

hEhe yOz ppLZz~

jus here to insert the latest neocard taken with my bf ^^

And, two pix taken with 2Australian babies in Australia last yr.

LOL, wonder if this yr, korean ppl will let me take pixies with their kawaii babies? muahahahahahah!
You can click on them to @@ enlarged version ^_^

Saturday, November 20, 2004

YOz... Hee~*

Been busy playing MapleStory recently....
12pm-12am every week day. :p
Week end is like for bf n family ;p

Anywayz, i no mood to blog :p

Sweet pictures of the two of them Y^-^Y

Hee, tatz all fer now k :p
haiz.. recently bf got alittle prob in army, make me sianz half also.
Then now while waiting for his call, I go back to playing le la~
Cutie din contact my hp @all, muz be busy workin too.

minna ganbarimashou na~*